Wraith Backgrounds

Backgrounds allowed come from Wraith: 20th Anniversary Edition and Wraith 20th Anniversary Supplements.


NoneLike most wraiths, the character has acquired no Artifacts. Maybe it’s lack of interest, maybe it’s lack of funds, maybe it’s lack of opportunity.
A seemingly insignificant Artifact.
••A minor Artifact, such as a compass that always points to Stygia.
•••An Artifact of some purpose, like a sword of Stygian steel.
••••A major and unique Artifact, which the Hierarchy would dearly love to possess (e.g., a gun that doesn’t need relic bullets).
•••••The most useful and powerful of objects, the envy of all other wraiths.


NoneLike most of the Restless, you face your Shadow alone.
You can sometimes second guess your Shadow.
••You can mount a successful resistance to one of your Shadow’s ploys.
•••Spiritually tough; your Shadow must work hard to influence you.
••••You see through all your Shadow’s stratagems, and occasionally counter them.
•••••Your Shadow must choose its moment carefully or waste all its efforts.







NoneYou have no Haunt and probably Slumber on the run. Are you a nomad by choice or circumstance?
A small domicile, perhaps a closet or phone booth.
••A Haunt large enough for you to survive in, but hardly luxurious.
•••A fair-sized Haunt, which can accommodate you and several guests comfortably.
••••An opulent Haunt, with ample accommodation for up to four wraiths. Alternatively a special Haunt, such as a mobile or well-defended Haunt.
•••••A majestic Haunt in good repair, perhaps the haunted mansion on the hill. No doubt this Haunt is the envy of many powerful wraiths not blessed with such a home themselves.


NoneNo trace remains that you ever lived.
A painting of yours hangs somewhere on the wall of an obscure gallery.
••You funded a building on a college campus.
•••You reseeded a devastated forest area through which people pass every day.
••••You designed the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.
•••••An important idea in modern life is attributed to you. Perhaps you founded a religion or a political movement, or created a popular social media app.


NoneYou lived and died alone. Few, if any, even remember your name. Alternatively, you lived so long ago that all memories of you have faded.
One person remembers you. Perhaps you have a roadside memorial somewhere.
••A handful of people remember you on occasion.
•••A stretch of highway is named after you, or perhaps a beloved local park.
••••A community, organization, or company has you on its roll of honor — or curses your name.
•••••You have legendary status in an entire nation (or more). This level of recognition is far easier to achieve in a negative light than in a positive.


NoneLike most of the Restless, you are a face in the crowd. Do you deliberately keep a low profile?
You have made some impressions.
••Perhaps your Haunt is visited regularly.
•••Your name has traveled farther than you have.
••••Every wraith in the Shadowlands recognizes your name (but not necessarily your face).
•••••For whatever reason, you cannot escape being recognized everywhere you go.


NoneYou have nothing. Are you a recent escapee from Thralldom, or just not attached to material things?
A seemingly insignificant relic, like the keys to a treasured car.
••A minor relic, perhaps a small work of art.
•••A relic with some usefulness, such as a telescope or knife.
••••A major relic with moving parts, often powered by Pathos.
•••••A huge or invaluable relic, a sophisticated device or famous object.

Wraith Status

NoneNo organization recognizes you.
An initiate of some kind. You are most likely responsible for unpleasant duties, but are at least recognized as part of the group.
••After demonstrating your devotion to the group, you have been chosen for a position of some responsibility.
•••You are in the murky middle ranks. Not low enough to be pushed around or high enough to do the pushing, this is a dangerous place to be, but has many rewards.
••••This level of Status represents the level of management and privilege. You can access the resources of the group and are trusted by its leaders.
•••••Player characters are unlikely to ever rise higher than this. Having gained significant power and respect, you are a leader.