Mage Backgrounds

Mages use Backgrounds taken from page 301-328 of Mage 20th Anniversary Edition. In addition to all the general Backgrounds described above, they have access to the following unique Backgrounds:

Arcane / CloakingMysterious ability to remain unrecognized.
Avatar / GeniusEmbodiment of the Awakened/ Enlightened Self.
BlessingStrange powers gave you an uncanny gift.
Chantry / ConstructMystic or Technocratic stronghold.
CultGroup of dedicated believers.
DemesnePersonal inner dream-space.
DestinyInspiring sense of great purpose.
Dream / HypercramAbility to tap into Abilities you don’t normally possess.
Enhancement $Cybernetic or biotech improvements to your body.
Familiar / CompanionNon-human helper with special abilities.
LegendA potent archetype connected to you.
NodeA place of power that’s more or less in your possession.
Past LivesHelpful memories from prior incarnations.
Requisitions *Access to Technocratic hardware.
Sanctum / Laboratory $Special place to work your arts.
Secret Weapons *Guinea-pig status with Technocratic inventors.
StatusFavored position among your peers.
Totem $A powerful spirit ally. (Shamanic and Medicine Worker characters only.)
WonderA Talisman, Fetish, or Device that contains its own reality-bending power.
*Available only to Technocratic Union characters.
$ Costs double the usual amount of points.