Fera Apps

Fera Player-Characters & Tiers

  • Ananasi PCs will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. A player may pitch their Director with an idea for an Ananasi PC. The Director will only approve ideas that fit in the the rest of the MUSH. Historically, the lone Ananasi hasn’t seemed to gain much traction, in terms of maintaining a player’s interest in the long term.
    • I am more interested in seeing one who was trying to blend in with the Leeches of Los Angeles, rather than cooperate with the Gaians, where they’re largely unwelcome.
    • There is a mysterious, organized faction of Ananasi on the grid, though are nearly as likely to be hostile to most PC Ananasi as they are to Gaians. If your desired Ananasi concept somehow lines up perfectly with them, and you seem to be an excellent writer, I might bring you into the storyline from their perspective. No promises.
  • A few Bastet Tribes are more likely to find in Los Angeles than others, such as the Balam, Ceilican, Pumonca and Qualmi. You don’t particularly need my permission to apply for one of these, and I would even be happy to offer a Tier III incentive, depending on the concept.
    • A couple Tribes are not entirely unheard of, such as the Bagheera and Bubasti who each have a vaguely plausible enough reason to find themselves in Los Angeles. The Bagheera owing to the numbers of their South Asian Kinfolk who have found their way to L.A., and Bubasti owing to the secrets and mysteries that the City of Angels offers the shadowcats to explore. I’m not particularly inclined to incentivize them, though.
  • Corax are perfectly welcome. I am open to incentivizing almost all wereraven concepts.
    • All Corax begin play with “Raven’s Gifts” — an additional dot of Subterfuge, Enigmas and Dodge, representing their bond with Raven. All Corax also begin with the same Traits: Rage 1, Gnosis 6, Willpower 3.
    • Due to having hollow bones in all forms, there are some physical roll modifiers for Corax as well: Athletics rolls in all forms are –1 difficulty; soak rolls for bashing damage are at +2 difficulty.
    • When a Corax is created, it is done through the Rite of Spirit Egg. The Rite can be performed on any human or Corvid, but Corax-Kinfolk are often selected. If the Rite is successful, the Spirit Egg will be bound to the Corax-to-be for about two months. During which time the Spiritual essence that makes a Corax a Corax, seeps into the incubating Corax, until it finally hatches and the child of Raven undergoes their First Change.
  • Nuwisha are perfectly welcome in Los Angeles.
    • There are however only about a hundred of them in the entire world, so I’m only going to want a couple of them on the grid at any given time.
  • There are a great many Ratkin in Los Angeles, and they are fully available for application.
    • In a nutshell, the main Ratkin narrative dynamic consists of the Courtiers of the Port of Los Angeles Colony, located in San Pedro, waging war against the Port of Long Beach Colony, located in Long Beach, for control of Terminal Island.
    • Ratkin PCs are considered to be Ramblers, who are caught between these opposing Nests, and who best resemble mercenaries, refugees, exiles and all-around troublemakers. Ratkin Ramblers are the only group likely to have Homids among them, or to even spend much time in Homid form, and thus are the only Ratkin likely to interact with other non-Ratkin PCs in a significant fashion. Because of this, all Ratkin PCs are Ramblers.
    • I have several Tier II roles available for Homid Ratkin, who have a close association with Bone Gnawers, and who do not belong to any Freak aspect besides Twitcher.
    • I have several Tier III roles for other potential Ratkin concepts.

Rare Fera

  • There isn’t really much of a narrative space in Los Angeles for Gurahl, owing to the city being rather far from any location realistically inhabited by a bear.
  • Mokole might be allowed in the future. If I can think of a way to integrate them into a Los Angeles-based narrative that makes sense.
    • Then again, they might not be. Don’t hold out for this one.
  • Nagah might be allowed in the future. If I can think of a way to integrate them into a Los Angeles-based narrative that makes sense.
  • Rokea applications are not currently being accepted.
    • At some point in the future, if a few players get together and come up with some plausible In-Betweener group of them who happen to roll into Los Angeles, I might be convinced to go along with it if you are all just great writers with well written applications. You shouldn’t wait around for this opportunity though. And be warned, I have zero interest in approving a single, random Rokea that just hangs around on the beach.