Pentex is a massive, multinational corporation with its tendrils in a wide array of industries, from pharmaceuticals and chemicals to media and entertainment. But beneath its veneer of legitimacy, Pentex harbors a sinister secret. It is a pawn of the Wyrm, the malevolent force of entropy and destruction that seeks to bring about the end of the world.

Pentex’s ultimate goal is to spread the Wyrm’s influence and corrupt the world, both physically and spiritually. It does this through its numerous subsidiaries, which produce toxic and harmful products that pollute the environment, exploit natural resources, and manipulate the minds of the masses. Through these actions, Pentex slowly but surely erodes the planet and pushes humanity ever closer to the brink of annihilation.

The company’s top executives are often supernaturally corrupted individuals themselves, working in concert with the Wyrm’s other servants, such as the Black Spiral Dancers, a tribe of twisted werewolves who have succumbed to the Wyrm’s influence. The werewolves of the Garou Nation, who battle the forces of the Wyrm to protect Gaia, view Pentex as one of their most dangerous and insidious enemies.

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