Garou Apps

Garou Player-Characters: Tribes

All Garou Tribes are theoretically allowed to be applied for, although some are more or less relevant to the setting, canonically. Click here to read more about the specific, narrative setup of the main Tribes at the game’s start.

The Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Glass Walkers, and Uktena all play a major role in Los Angeles, and the fates and fortunes of their tribes are traced at some detail in the Werewolf Backstory. As such, they are incentivized in several important ways over other Tribes. Fitting in has its advantages, both in terms of qualifying for Tier XP in Chargen, and in how Renown is handled here.

The Black Furies have played a lesser, yet not entirely insignificant role, and so owing to the geographic proximity of their San Francisco sister caern and historically recognized contributions, are available as more modestly incentivized PCs, despite having a negligible NPC presence.

The other Tribes of the Garou Nation have had no significant, semi-organized presence in Los Angeles. There have been plenty who have arrived (and often died) as individuals, or who have accompanied their mixed-Tribe pack across the continent, or have been motivated to journey to Los Angeles for some other mysterious reason. There has never been enough of them, however, to qualify for any kind of sustained recognition or heft as a Tribe. In general, they are lacking both in Kinfolk, and in access to the spirits of their respective Tribal Totems who might sing of their deeds. Compounding the issue, is that the Sept of the Smiling Angel, despite its optimistic sobriquet, is an increasingly violent and depressing destination dominated by extremely territorial locals who are ever suspicious of ‘transplants’. The next closest caern via moon bridge to the north, is the far more pleasant Sept of the Western Eye in San Francisco. The next closest caern by way of moon bridge to the south, is an extremely isolated, small sept in the cartel-plagued desolation of the Sonoran Desert.

Fianna, Get of Fenris, Shadow Lords, Silent Striders and Silver Fangs are uncommon, although each can usually find a tenuous reason for venturing to Los Angeles. Silent Striders are often attracted by L.A.’s notorious shadowlands, haunted locations and modern cults of the dead where shrines to deceased celebrities and murder victims litter roadsides and cemeteries alike. There is a tiny, yet significant population of Russian immigrants that a Silver Fang might conceivably have some distant relation to, and a young, urban-minded Shadow Lord, Get or Fianna might see the battlefields of Los Angeles as an opportunity to either gain Renown or potentially emerge as a compromise leader in its incessant power struggles.  Regardless, none of these Tribes are particularly encouraged, and they do have to contend with a minor, increased difficulty in accruing Renown.

Red Talons, Stargazers and Wendigo are virtually non-existent. They are actively discouraged, although I would still read your application.

Finally, it is important to note that Player-Characters are not responsible for maintaining the canonical balance of the Sept’s competing populations. +Census is a purely OOC tool, and since LiberationMUSH is a narrative game, and not a sandbox one – it is entirely within the Director’s power to ensure that all Tribes are represented to the extent they should be, through the agency of certain NPC factions. Both the Glass Walkers and the Bone Gnawers possess significant, mutually hostile sub-factions at the beginning of our narrative, the majority of whose ranks are populated by NPCs. Some Tribes are likely to possess no special NPC presence beyond whatever PC decides to carve out for them.

Garou Player-Characters: Breeds & Auspices

Breed wise, Homid Garou are the overwhelmingly most common Breed in Los Angeles. This is owing to several factors, including the fact that Los Angeles is an urban caern nearly a thousand miles from any wolf kinfolk, and it is dominated by Tribes, such as the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers, who are known for having less brothers and sisters of the four-legged variety among their ranks than most.

Metis are numerous in Los Angeles for several reasons. Los Angeles is dominated by Tribes that are culturally and canonically more receptive to Metis among their ranks than most (such as the Children of Gaia). The Sept of the Smiling Angel is also chronically short of ‘wolfpower’ to deal with its many threats, such that almost any Garou, even the most blasphemously deformed Metis, could find themselves potentially welcomed as another body for the meatgrinder. However, Metis numbers are kept in check by the fact that many of them dislike urban hellholes for the same reason most all Garou do, and are often even more uncomfortable in human society than among the disdainful Garou they grew up with.

Lupus are extremely rare in Los Angeles, such that they’re more or less non-existent as NPCs. Every Lupus in Los Angeles is noteworthy enough, that all of their potential numbers are taken up by PCs. An extremely convincing application is required to play a Lupus, and a higher standard of roleplay is expected from them. I am willing to take a chance on players – as I find that most of the time, people will rise to meet new challenges and impress rather than disappoint. I will not hesitate to retract permission for playing a Lupus, if it feels that a player is unwilling to portray them in ways that don’t harm the immersion of their fellow players.

When it comes to Auspices, (Ahroun, Galliard, Philodox, Ragabash & Theurge) I demand only that you play what you are actually inspired to roleplay as. I can’t think of anything more boring than forcing yourself to play an Auspice you don’t feel a particular affinity for, just because it might gain you a few more XP in Chargen, or there are two less of them than another Auspice. Contrary to popular belief, some Auspices are more common than others – they are not evenly divided. It is perfectly natural for a Sept to not have them all equally represented.

It should be noted however, that I am more keen and philosophically sympathetic to enforcing the penalties for possessing a high Rage than you are likely to have encountered on past games. You’re not going to encounter a Rage 8 Ahroun who works as a SWAT Officer. You’re going to see even most Glass Walkers (A Tribe that has historically trended towards lower than average Rage) are more likely to operate their business through a network of Kinfolk, or via clever (and increasingly common) remote connections. It still remains difficult for most any Garou to pass a job interview without giving off uncomfortable vibes. In the Los Angeles of the World of Darkness, the unfairly profiled youth harassed by police or the crazy homeless guy that makes you want to cross the street rather than get near him, could easily be a young, sullen Glass Walker Cliath or increasingly disturbed Bone Gnawer guardian.

Garou Tiers

  • I have all of the Garou leadership Tiers that I believe the sphere requires at the moment, covering the most important Sept leadership positions. There are more Sept positions which need to be filled, which will be expanded upon on the Sept page (currently a WIP), that I hope will be acquired ICly.
  • I am still accepting Tier III applications, granting between ~40 and ~80 Tier XP in CGEN (depending on the strength of the concept and its narrative integration with the setting) from the Bone GnawerChildren of GaiaGlass Walker and Uktena tribes. This is unlikely to ever change, given that these tribes are all fairly numerous in Los Angeles, and the PCs by definition, must represent their most active, interesting and impactful members.
  • All Camps are fairly well represented, with some more likely to determine your loyalty than others. I am especially interested in both City Farmer Glass Walkers who are philosophically more sympathetic to the Sept and Asian-American Corporate Wolves/Random Interrupts whose loyalty lies primarily with their Bunker Hill brethren. Any Bone Gnawer or Uktena concept that touches on homelessness and the disenfranchised will be heavily encouraged.
  • Black Furies are also potentially incentivized, though it would require a player with a pretty good grasp on the Black Furies’ unique dynamic and contribution to the setting. I am toying with the idea, eventually, of allowing a Black Fury Tier II emissary, or potentially even an alpha with her own pack, coming down from to Los Angeles from San Francisco’s Sept of the Western Eye to assist the Sept of the Smiling Angel.
  • You are allowed to apply for other Tribes (and I’ve touched on them in the Werewolf overview), but I have no current plans to incentivize them with Tier XP.