A Cub’s History of Los Angeles

Legendary History

According to the Chumash peoples, the world began with a great flood. The world was wiped out to be started anew, with only one Acorn Woodpecker left alive, perched on top of a tree, calling out for help. The Woodpecker was the nephew of the Sun, and so the daughters of the Sun warned the Sun that his nephew was drowning. So he lowered his torch, plucked out the Woodpecker to warmth and safety, and gave him acorns to eat.

After the flood dried, Sun, Morning Star, Moon, Great Eagle gathered together to create a new people to live in the world. They decided to make those people in the image of Sky Coyote, but Lizard was able to sneak in and place his handprint into the mold ahead of Sky Coyote, causing human hands to be shaped differently from Coyote’s.

Three great tribes of Garou lived in the Pure Lands: Older Brother Uktena, Middle Brother Croatan, and Younger Brother Wendigo. The Uktena inhabited most of what is now known as the American Southwest (including California, and hence Los Angeles) and all the way down to Central America. The Wendigo lived to the north covering much of the Northwest, Alaska and Canada and the Croatan to the east of the mighty Mississippi River.

The aftermath of the War of Rage left the other Gaian breeds scattered and isolated across the Southwest. The Gurahl bore the brunt of the Garou’s fury, retreating into distant, mountainous holdfasts in the Sierra Nevada, and some say eventually dying out entirely. The Qualmi and Pumonca were driven from their homes, fated to become wanderers and far travelers. The ever elusive Nuwisha pulled off perhaps their greatest ‘trick’ in convincing the Garou that they were extinct – a farce that only the Uktena and Wendigo see through, and who for reasons of their own, maintain its pretense down to modern times. Some Changing Breeds, such as the bat-like Camazotz were driven into extinction for truth.

It is only the dark-feathered Corax, pragmatic ravens who bartered their services to the Garou as spies and messengers during the War of Rage and thus escaped their wrath who thrived. The same Corax managed to escape the eternal disdain of the other Changing Breeds by using their same privileged position to save countless many from destruction at the Garou’s claws.