Kinfolk Apps

Last updated: April 2023

Note: there is no detailed +census tool or population metric available. When it comes to the choice of Tribe, the only request made of a player is to play the concept that they personally want to play. PCs are not responsible for maintaining the canonical balance of the Sept’s competing populations.

Players are allowed to have both a Shifter and Kinfolk alt. Kinfolk taking Psychic and other abilities must refer to our Guide on ‘Mortal+’ concepts; Kinfolk with supernatural powers, including Gnosis, Gifts, or Numina, count as their Shifter character for the sphere and cannot have a Shifter alt.

All Incentive XP awards are dependent on review of the final application.

Incentivized Concepts

Children of Gaia, Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers, Uktena, and Black Furies are detailed extensively in the Sept’s History and Present Day. Click here to read more. Hundreds of Bone Gnawer Kinfolk populate Skid Row (as well as a small contingent within the inner bawn), and as many Glass Walker Kinfolk are stretched out across the entirety of the city. The Uktena maintain a significant population of Kinfolk in the region known as the San Gabriel Valley east of the city (off-grid) as well as several ethnic neighborhoods such as Little Central America. And Kinfolk of the Black Furies and Children of Gaia are commonly found owing to the long-standing relationship between the septs of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Tier III Incentive XP is offered to any Kinfolk character of these Tribes.

Corax and Ratkin are thematically appropriate Breeds for the setting of Liberation MUSH. Refer to the Fera Apps page for more information. Speak with the Fera Director about any possible Incentive XP.

Discouraged Concepts

The Traditional Tribes (Fianna, Get of Fenris, Shadow Lords, and Silver Fangs) do not maintain any significant presence in Los Angeles; any Kinfolk of these tribes are largely contained to their various ethnic communities, distant—if not callow—from the Sept. The Silent Striders, Stargazers, and Wendigo have no Kinfolk presence in Los Angeles at all, owing to the nature of these Tribes. It is strongly recommended that players try to connect with approved Garou of these Tribes before applying. There is no Incentive XP offered to Kinfolk characters of these Tribes.

Bastet, Kitsune, Nuwisha, and Ananasi are relatively limited in number, and as such, their presence of Kinfolk is likewise smaller than the typical breeds of Los Angeles. It is strongly recommended that players talk to a Director and establish a connection with approved Fera of these Breeds before applying. Speak with the Fera Director about any possible Incentive XP.

Callow Kin (Kinfolk who do not know about the Garou society) are also discouraged; it is recommended that a Kinfolk player character start with at least a rudimentary (if limited) knowledge of the Garou in order to facilitate roleplay with the sphere upon approval. Do not apply as a Callow Kin simply because you are unfamiliar with Werewolf: The Apocalypse; some familiarity with the system and setting is needed in order to succeed. It is not incumbent on the PCs to teach you or your character what you need to know.

Restricted Concepts

Supernatural Kinfolk: The Merit Supernatural Kinfolk cannot be taken by player characters of other Spheres. This includes Kinfolk Ghouls or other minor supernatural templates.

Animal-born Kinfolk: All Kinfolk player characters are human-born. Red Talon Kinfolk are not allowed.

Rare Fera Breeds: Breeds not listed above are so rare as to not even be present in Los Angeles, and would have little, if any, Kinfolk support. Refer to the Fera Apps page and discuss any concepts with the Fera Director before applying.